Advert Design’s Management is committed to safeguarding human health and safety and conserving the environment as an integral part of its business. Meeting this commitment is essential to the Company’s long-term success and is achieved in all working areas and projects, by implementing this HSE Policy through the following measures:

  • Communicating the Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy to all employees for them to be aware of their individual Health, Safety & Environmental obligations and responsibilities;
  • Maintaining a documented HSE Management System which may be one of the following 3 options:
    To the Integrated Management System in line with the current version of ISO 9001 requirements which includes HSE procedures, to be addressed in every project in accordance with Contract requirements;
    To a documented Health & Safety and/or Environmental Management System
    To a documented and fully integrated Quality and HSE Management System, in countries where the Management System is certified in the 3 mentioned standards;
  • Providing appropriate training, supervision, information and resources to all employees to enable HSE objectives to be achieved;
  • Setting HSE objectives, responsibilities and accountability for HSE performance, with measurement and reporting requirements;
  • Establishing methods for identifying and assessing hazards and reducing risks to levels as low as are practicable;
  • Complying with relevant local and international HSE legislation, regulations, legal and Contracts’ requirements;
  • Promoting commitment to HSE Management System’s continual improvement;
  • Establishing a culture of prevention of accidents and hazards throughout projects managed by Advert Designs, and influence the prevention of pollution and reduction in consumption of resources;
  • Using energy and natural resources efficiently and reducing waste and emissions;
  • Reviewing HSE objectives and targets through periodic management reviews;
  • Undertaking appropriate reviews and evaluations of its activities and services to measure progress and drive continuous improvement.

All Advert Designs personnel are responsible for implementing the Health, Safety and Environmental measures necessary for the well-being of all persons at work.

All levels of management and employees are expected to participate in and comply with HSE initiatives and exercise individual responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, and protection of the environment.

On Projects where HSE Management is Advert Designs’s responsibility, Advert Design will take the necessary controls and measures to monitor the Contractors’ adherence to all relevant and applicable local and international HSE standards, provisions and policies as applicable to each project and Advert Designs’s scope of services.

All Advert Design’s employees shall observe, implement and give their full support to this HSE policy.

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